Level 1 Archery Instructor Course is a program designed to train and certify camp archery instructors and anyone interested in learning how to teach archery. Emphasis is placed on safety, teaching proper form and creating a curriculum for the season. How to repair and maintain equipment is also covered.  Participants must pass both a written examination and a safety presentation. Add new fun into your program in a safe way. Bring questions about, your equipment, how to create safe games that teach skills, and how to reach your camps archery goals.  Counselors are certified under USA Archery for 3 years.  

We will be updating this page with tips and ideas on how to empower your archery program.  Check out the videos we have below, more videos and words of advise and wisdom will be added as well as games that archery instructors have created. 

The Power of Teaching an Ancient Sport

Teaching archery is more than shooting arrows, it is about providing a safe and positive learning environment where students can learn an ancient sport.  The archery range is actually a place where people have a chance to be in the moment, be challenged, over come fear and gain confidence.  Not only the student grows as a person so does the instructor as he/she overcomes fear and is challenged and they pass on the skill he/she has learned in the instructor class.  There is always something to learn no matter how long you have been teaching the art of shooting an arrow.    

Below is a little video to help you learn the 10 steps to the NTS Archery form, you will want to get familuar with it before you come to your training class

New England School of Archery & Supplies LLC

In the below video you see coach Lucy working with a new archer during her first arrow. Ohh you should see her face after she shoots :).  It's priceless.  

Pre Camp Archery Instructor Training Schedule:

William Lawrence camp  June 10 - 11

Camp Wyonegonic June 13th - 14th and June 15th - 16th

Cape Cod Sea Camps June 19th - the 20th.  

Merrimack NH : We will have an instructor class in May in Merrimack through the Merrimack Park and Recreation contact me for more info.